OpenSource GPS Receivers for educational, engineering, scientific and R&D applications
GPS Creations offers a complete line of OpenSource GPS Receivers. We can supply a stand alone receiver board or a complete PC system running OpenSource code or a small board with a USB interface - select form the list below:
GPS600 GPL-GPS Board with a USB Interface
GPS1001 - ISA Bus GPSBLDR2 & Open Source GPS Receiver
GPS1005 - PCI Bus OpenSource GPS Receiver Card (Linux or DOS)
GPS650 - USB Bus GPS & GLONASS Receiver Kit (Note: Open Source code not available at this time for this product)
Setting up OSGPS to run under Linux ( a PDF Document)
GPSRF - RF Board Options
GPS500 (Use with GPS1001 or GPS1005 boards)
GPS550 (Dual RF - use with GPS1001 or GPS1005)
GPS500 Schematic , GPS550 Schematic
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